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          Minami has her head resting on her right hand, her left
          lazily taking notes. Her eyes are slowly drifting into
          sleep. She shakes her head violently to wake herself up,
          though the dark circles under her eyes betray her.

                    Alright guys! Pack up your stuff!

          Minami looks around, confused out of her mind. Her fellow
          classmates are gathering their art supplies and jackets,
          talking merrily amongst themselves. Minami grabs Stajianna
          as she walks by Minami's desk.

                    I missed something, where is
                    everyone going? Class just
                    started... didn't it?

          Stajianna straightens her floral patterned dress.

                    We're going to the nearby graveyard
                    to do some sketches remember? Mr
                    Fox told us yesterday that we were
                    going there, though he hasn't told
                    us why yet.

          Minami eyes open up, a tad more alert now. She hastily grabs
          her things, motioning for Stajianna to wait for her.

                    Erg, A.J was up most of the night
                    last night on the phone with her
                    dad, which kept me up. Soooooo

          Stajianna looks impatient, watching the last student leave.

                    Hurry up, we're the last ones here.

          Holding her sketchbook and ruler in one hand, she shoves
          about 5 pencils in her pocket with the other. Grabbing her
          black fedora hat and placing it on her head, she then makes
          her way towards the exit.

                    OK! Let's go.


          Mr. Fox, stands in the graveyard, lecturing his eleven

                              MR FOX
                    Alright guys! We have about 2 hours
                    before we need to head back to
                    school. I want all of you to draw
                    at least 5 different and unique

          Stajianna raises her hand, while Minami looks around

                              MR FOX
                    Yes Staj?

          Mr. Fox turns his gaze towards his student.

                    What are we drawing them for?

          Mr Fox claps his hands together and then points excitedly at

                              MR FOX
                    Great question Stajianna! Halloween
                    is coming up soon, so I want you
                    guys to do a short comic using
                    these gravestones as a reference.

          He walks around the tombstones as he talks.

                              MR FOX
                    I want you to use the knowledge of
                    your past assignments for this one.
                    Work on your drapery, posing and
                    positive and negative spacing to
                    create good flow.

          He dry washes his hands as he looks around at his students.

                              MR FOX
                    OK, any more questions? No? OK!
                    Happy drawing!


          Stajianna and Minami both sit with her legs crossed on the
          grass. Pages of tombstone sketches are laid out in front of
          Minami, while Stajianna has them neatly in a pile. Minami
          however, is now working on a picture of two werewolves
          instead of drawing more tombstone drawings. She holds onto
          her right leg as she sketches. A group of her classmates sit
          not far away from the two friends, talking to each other as
          they draw a tombstone in the shape of an angel. Stajianna
          glances towards Minami and sees her work.

                    Are those for that Halloween

                    Yup. These gravestone references
                    are going to go perfect with it

          Minami makes a thinking face.

                    A.J said once she finds her song
                    book, she's like 98.7% done with
                    her part.

                    Wow, that's specific.

          Minami makes grins stupidly.

                    Well, I might be paraphrasing a

          Minami leans in towards Stajianna, speaking in almost a
          whisper as to not be heard by her nearby classmates. As she
          leans in, she grabs her right leg tightly, and quickly hides
          the pain in her face. This action goes unnoticed to

                    Can you keep a secret?

                    Sure. I promise I wont tell anyone.

                    Ooo! You better make sure you can
                    keep that, because, if you don't,
                    you will get banned from the

          Baffled, Stajianna replied.

                    What? Banned from the planet?

          Minami shakes it off.

                    Never mind.

                    Anyway, A.J is having a really hard
                    time right now. So I decided, if we
                    win this contest, I'm going to give
                    her my half of the prize money.

          Stajianna smiles sweetly at her friends nice gesture.

                    That's nice of you.

                    Well, she needs it more than I do
                    at the moment.

                    I'm just glad Mr Fox gave us this
                    assignment, because I'm going to
                    kill two birds with one pencil.

          Minami looks at Stajianna, who gives her an odd look. Minami
          answers, arms moving in an odd motion. *Description for Ryuu

                    You know, cause we're artists and
                    we use pencils instead of rocks or
                    stones or whatever the saying is
                    and... Never mind.

          Both girls begin to laugh, each enjoying the moment.


          Under the oddly shaped tree, sitting on the edge of the
          fountain, Minami and A.J sit together working on their
          Halloween project.

                    I'm glad you found your song book.
                    Too bad it was in the trash though.

          A.J tries to rub off a stain on the corner of her book.

                    Yeah, too bad ketchup don' wanna
                    come off easily though.

                    So what do ya got?

          Minami looks at A.J's lyrics while A.J looks at Minami's

                    'Adorned blackness'? I see what you
                    did there.

                    Yup. Symbolism always works well
                    with the big wigs.

          A.J leans forward, pointing at Minami's sketches, showing
          her what she is talking about.

                    Ah also like how ya captured the
                    emotion on their faces. Ya can
                    really tell what's goin' on, even
                    though they don' talk.

          Minami fist bumps A.J with a wide smile on her face.

                    We got this.

                    Time ta enter our final product?


          A.J has a sudden wave of doubtfulness.

                    Think it's Halloween-ish enough?

          Minami get's her papers together and looks reassuringly at

                    I think the fact that it's a unique
                    fantasy story set on Halloween is
                    good enough.

          Confidence returning, A.J replies.

                    Yeah. Yer right. Let's go enter
                    this project!


          It's Halloween night and there are an abundance of
          trick-or-treaters walking around. A shot of the Haunted


          Minami is dressed as a traditional Japanese priestess, while
          A.J wears her normal everyday wear. Minami looks to be in
          pain while A.J looks amusingly around the crowd. The room is
          filled with party-goers, all dress up in various costumes.
          The room is heavily decorated, with spiderwebs and coffins
          and blood spattered walls.

                    Man, Ah'm kind of nervous. Ah hope
                    we win.

          A.J notices Minami bending over, holding her right leg.

                    You OK Mina? Yer not havin' an
                    attack are ya? Need ta lie down?

                    No worries, I'm fine. Though I do
                    need to sit for a bit. Come on,
                    let's find a seat.

                    What's a matter hun?

          Minami bites her knuckles as they take a seat on a nearby

                    Nothing. Nothing major. It will

          Concerned her friend isn't well again, A.J grabs Minami's
          hand to reassure her everything is OK.

                    Are ya sure?

          Minami looks down at A.J's hand. A.J noticed what she had
          done and quickly retrieves it.

                    You should go have fun. I just need
                    to wait until the pain passes. It
                    comes in waves.

                    Pain? What pain? Why are ya in

          It's now Minami's turn to shy away, biting her lip and
          looking to the ground. She replies, keeping her gaze on the

                    Remember that earthquake I told you
                    about? Well, I got more than a scar
                    on my face. I also received a
                    spinal injury from that fallen
                    building so many years ago.

                    Ever since, I got pain in my right
                    leg. Nerve damage. The pain comes
                    in waves, sometimes a lot,
                    sometimes little. But there is
                    always a bit of pain.

                    Ah did notice that you walked with
                    a limp, just never thought much of

          Minami gives a comforting smile to her friend.

                    Anyway, I just need to rest.

                    Alright. Ah'll wait with ya.

          Cyrus, Hazel and their friends, all dressed in ball room
          attire, walk by them.

                    Hey ugly, I hope you didn't enter.
                    I'd hate to see your face messed up
                    even more when you cry.

          They walk away as A.J stands, making a fist. Minami holds
          her hand. She shakes her head, indicating to leave it go. In
          the crowd, a group of friends talk excitedly.

                              GIRL DRESSED AS WITCH
                    Oh my God, I over heard one of the
                    judges! They say that cute boy from
                    the vocal program at IAU, Derek,
                    won! He's got the voice of a God.

                              GIRL DRESSED AS DOCTOR
                    I know right! I'm glad that most of
                    the vocal program students won. It
                    will look excellent on their
                    resumes. Besides, any other program
                    doesn't stand a chance.

          Minami and A.J exchange worried looks.

                    That don' sound good.

                    Have faith, you'll see.

          Her voice speaks in confidence, but worry shows in her blue
          eyes. The MC of the night walks up to the stage, grabs the
          mic and waves at a crowd of nearby ladies dressed as nurses.

                    Welcome all to the Toronto Haunted

                    After looking through many entries,
                    we have our top 5 winners! Winners,
                    after the presentation is over,
                    come on up to get your money!

                    And now, I present to you, the
                    winners of this years Halloween

          The MC opens an envelope. As he names the winners, the faces
          of each contestant is shown.

                    Our first winner is Derek Beyit,
                    with his lovely song performance.
                    Our second winner is Hazel Fisher
                    and Cyrus Pierce, whose Halloween
                    duet was a knockout. Our third
                    winner is Nikky Crawford with a
                    lovely piano piece. Fourth winner
                    is James Ruben with a wonderful
                    spooky song.

          The MC clears his throat and arranges his papers before
          naming the last winner, letting the crowds excitement die

                    Those are all vocal program kids.
                    They were right, we don' stand a

                    And last but not least, our last
                    winner did something different and
                    made a presentation for us to see.
                    A judges favorite, our last winner

          Minami and A.J's eyes widen in shock and amazement as their
          wining project is displayed; the video playing Minami's
          drawings on a big screen and A.J's recorded voice and guitar
          playing along with it.

                                       FADE INTO THE PRESENTATION

          It's Halloween night on a planet filled with monsters.
          Candles and rotting pumpkins lay scattered on the land.
          Trees shaped in haunted positions grow proudly. It's a
          cloudy night, but the sky has opened for the moon. The moon
          shines a path. In the distance, a wolves howl can be heard.

                    The moonlight bathes the road to
                    redemption. Sweet howls of the
                    night; the melody sings. Crazed yet
                    sane, blood shall be shed. War
                    rages on in the world.

          The prisoner is behind bars, shackles holds his hands
          together. He yells, but no one hears him; he is alone in a
          prison filled with enemies.

                    Kill the horror that lies in the
                    soul, Unable to run free from sins
                    committed. Cry out, cry out;
                    silence fills the land. Poisoned
                    veins will stand alone again.

          A tall, slender girl stands alone on a hill, her long silver
          hair flowing in the wind. She motions for the army behind
          her to follow. As she runs, she changes into a werewolf. The
          dark general stands ready at the prison, shadowing the

                    Behold thine beauty of sweet
                    summers night. Hail to the captive;
                    sweet innocence arises. Wanting
                    with ought knowing; unable to
                    achieve. Darkness fall's over the
                    land once again.

          The female werewolf and her army is now fighting off the
          prison guard soldiers. While she fights, the prisoner in the
          cell has changed into a werewolf himself. He breaks though
          the cell, though shackles still on his arms. The bodies of
          many lie defeated on the ground.

                    Be swift for death for death shall
                    chase: killer of the night. Arise
                    the sun to darkness still. Wanting
                    grows stronger separated against
                    will. Death to many, death to all,
                    once again.

          Elves, goblins, minotaurs and other races have reunited to
          fight for one common cause. The male werewolf has joined the
          fight. The war between the guards of the prison and the
          races of its planet continue. The enemy general, a ghostly
          being adorned with black armor, swings his blade, and with
          his final blow, kills the female werewolf. The male werewolf
          sees his lover fallen. His face shows utter sadness.

                    Races of the world reunite; self
                    inflicted damage. Captured once
                    more; break free from hell. Twice 
                    dawn comes, blood still floods the
                    land. Clash of blades; 6 hits, 1

          The ghostly general beams with pride at his kill. The moral
          of his enemy's now low at the defeat of their leader. The
          male werewolf now fights with new energy, fighting with
          revenge in his eyes. With one bite, he kills the general,
          but not before getting stabbed with his sword.

                    Adorned blackness; victory arises.
                    Fighter of love, fighter of peace,
                    stroking blow through heart & soul.
                    Death has been defeated.

          The people of the land rejoice as the war is over. They can
          now celebrate their fallen heroes. Buried together are the
          two werewolf lovers on a hot Halloween night.

                    Rest well sweet child, fear not no
                    more. Peaceful night now fills thy
                    heart. Young love will last
                    forever; sweet dream, eyes of
                    sorrow have lifted.

                 ----END CHAPTER 6----
*Edit* I've changed some things in the story, to make it flow better. Also, I've changed the school from a university to a college. So, I removed some things, added some others. In some chapters, not much changed. In others, lot's changed-ish. So if you could take your time to re-read it & critic it, I would love it! Let me know what you think, good or bad! Note that I'm keeping the name IAU for now until I can think of a better name. It might have 'University' in its name but it's no longer a university. *End Edit*

First off, the title refers to Halloween beginning. I might change the chapter title later, it's the best I could think of at the moment heh.

As for the going to the graveyard to draw references, I totally did that in college. Only my teacher didn;t tell us what we were drawing them for. My friends explained to me what 'spooning' was with examples in this graveyard lol. Good times.

Also, the song in this story is a song I wrote back in high school. It’s a complete story of an RP my cousin & I did, but symbolized. It’s finally going t o have some use as it’s appearing in the next chapter of ‘South’. (It has a tune! If you want to sing along, go here to hear what it would sound like:… … I know its a tune to an already existing song, but meh).

Anywho, critic away!

A little about the story:

A.J White has always been sure of herself; knowing what she wanted to in life and who she was. But after a night of bonding with her roommate Minami, the head strong girl begins to question herself. With this new strong friendship formed, will their relationship turn into more than just friends? Will the world accept them?

Chapter 8: Minami - New Discoveries
Chapter 9: A.J - Moonlight Date
Chapter 10: Minami - The Voice
Chapter 11: A.J - Spiritual Awakening
Chapter 12: Minami - Aggressive
Chapter 13: A.J - Interruptions

Chapter 1: A.J - School of Dreams
Chapter 2: Minami - A Friendship is Born
Chapter 3: A.J - A New Day
Chapter 4: Minami - Writing on the Wall
Chapter 5: A.J - Day Dream
Chapter 6: Minami - It Begins (HERE!)
Chapter 7: A.J - On the Dance Floor

IMPORTANT NOTE: The preview image is of Minami, drawn by the ever most awesome *milkydayy. It's part of a commission I asked him to do of both Mina & A.J together (you can see part of A.J's blond hair to the left). ORIGINAL DEVIATION: Like what you see? You should probably commission this deserving artist. You wont be disappointed.

Oh yeah, this is going to be made into a comic, drawn by the ever most awesome *ryuuen. But I'm not entirely sure on how to write scripts for comics, so I'm writing it in film script version for now, but you get the gist of what's going on.

Story© by =Sorren-Chan
Comic artwork© by *ryuuen
Preview artwork image© by *milkydayy

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