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          The dance hall is filled with students, busy showing off to
          their new friends. Students, young and old are checking out
          their new dance studio. A group of girls in the corner talk
          amongst themselves while they stretch, preparing for a day
          of dance. Minami is seen walking through the room with
          another girl. Her friend  has brown hair with pink streaks,
          cut short in a bob hairstyle, the length to about the chin.
          Minami looks around the room with an up beat manner, her
          friend following her, unsure.

                    You know Staj, I like how the
                    programs of this school are played

                    First year at the school, all
                    students in their respective
                    program tries out all sorts of
                    areas, like a fundamental course of
                    their program!

          The two girls gain looks as they pass the practicing

                    After our first year here, we can
                    chose an area to specialize in and
                    focus more on that specialty.

          Stajianna holds her arms folded as they walk.

                    You sure we're allowed to be in


          The student art gallery holds works of students past and
          present, though the works of present day students are
          currently absent. In the gallery, there are sculptures of
          people, animals, and life in general. The walls are
          decorated with pictures of life in our universe. TV screens
          mounted on the walls show highlights of past year end
          performances. Minami walks through the room, her facial
          expression depicting she's high off life, her friend
          Stajianna following merrily behind her.

                    Of course were allowed to walk
                    around the school! The orientation
                    package said the school encourages
                    us to attend other programs during
                    our studio time so that we can
                    learn to work together and stuff.

          Staj, looking reassured, smiles.

                    Well, it's not studio time, but
                    it's always nice to have little
                    adventures in life!

          Minami turns to face Stajianna, happiness upon her face.

                    Exactly! I like the way you think!


          Minami and Stajianna sit by the fountain in the center of
          the courtyard as their fellow alumni dance, sing, draw and
          live around them. Minami is lying down on the edge of the
          fountain, Stajianna sitting cross-legged next to her. She
          looks at her watch and gives a start.

                    Oh my God! With the fun of our
                    little adventure, I almost forgot
                    that I have to call home.

          She gets up, dusting off her vintage style dress. Minami
          sits up and looks at Stajianna.

                    OK. See you around!



          Minami walks into the student lunch hall. Her upbeat
          attitude is now gone and is replaced with a look of anxiety.
          She rubs her hand over her forehead and exhales. As she does
          so, she scans the room and notices A.J getting a drink at a
          vending machine. She walks up to her and taps her on the

                    Hey! A.J right?

                    Uh, yeah. Yer my room mate right?

                    Yeah, we-

                    Hey A.J, Tyler just told me- Who's

          A.J looks at Mandy then back to her room mate.

                    Oh uh, Mandy, this here's my room
                    mate, uh...

          Minami holds out her hand to Mandy.


          Mandy looks at Minami, uninterested, before speaking.

                    Cool. Hey A.J, Tyler's waiting on
                    us, we should get going. You want
                    to come?

          Minami looks shocked.

                    Me? Where?

          A.J manages to answer before Mandy can for once.

                    Some of Mandy's friend's got a
                    party goin' on or sumthin'. Ah
                    ain't going ta stay long though,
                    this jet lag is getting ta me.

                    Oh, thanks for the invite. Maybe
                    next time. I'm not feeling the best
                    right now.

                    That's too bad. Well, hope yer
                    feelin' better soon.

                    Come on A.J, I don't want to keep
                    Tyler waiting.

                    Well, see ya 'round then!

          Minami waves bye as they take off. She looks at the food
          being served and holds onto her heart while rubbing her head
          with the other hand. She then turns to leave, heading back
          to her dorm room.


          Minami opens the door, shaking. She holds on the frame of
          the door, sweating and hyperventilating.

                    <Not now, please not now...>


          The sun is now set over the International Art University.
          A.J is walking along an outside pathway to her dorm. In the
          BG loud muffled music can be heard coming from the party she
          had just left.

                    Woah there. Other this here jet lag
                    is really gettin' ta me or Ah'm
                    wasted after 2 beers.

                    Ah'm gonna say it's the jet lag.
                    Canadian beer can't be that much
                    stronger than Korean beer, right?

          A.J makes her way to the university court yard. The court
          yard is now almost empty, with only one or two couples
          talking or making out. A.J walks through the court yard
          past  the fountain under the oddly shaped tree. Clumsily,
          she makes her way to the South Dorm.


          A.J makes her way to the end of the hall for the corner room
          she now resides in. Standing in front of the door, she
          fumbles in her pocket for the room key.

                    Crap. Ah think Ah left my key in
                    the room earlier when Ah left.

          She leans forward and begins knocking on the door.

                    Mina? Sorry ta wake ya up, but Ah
                    seem ta have misplaced my room key.
                    It's A.J by the way.

          She hears no reply.

                    Mina? Ya there? It's yer room mate.

          A weak and short reply responds form behind the door.

                    Door. Open.


          She opens the door to a dark room. The room is quiet except
          for the quick breathing of Minami.

***** [Removed for novel spoilers]*****    

                    Alright. Ah'm gonna get some sleep,
                    OK? If ya need me, just say

          Minami nods. A.J walks over to her side of the room and
          proceeds to undress to nothing but her bra and underwear.
          She looks at her luggage, still unpacked since her arrival.

                    Screw it, Ah'll unpack later.

          She then crawls under her bedsheets and instantly falls

          Minami slowly sits up and smiles softly at her sleeping

                    Well, it's been quite the day.
                     ----END CHAPTER 2----
*Edit* I've changed some things in the story, to make it flow better. Also, I've changed the school from a university to a college. So, I removed some things, added some others. In some chapters, not much changed. In others, lot's changed-ish. So if you could take your time to re-read it & critic it, I would love it! Let me know what you think, good or bad! Note that I'm keeping the name IAU for now until I can think of a better name. It might have 'University' in its name but it's no longer a university. *End Edit*

OK! So after some awesome critics, I scraped the original chapters of 2, 3 & 4. So this is the new chapter 2, which contains parts of the original 2 & 3. I now have a better understanding of where I want to go & what I want to do. Plus, the other chapters were going by too slow anyway & Derek's character didn't come out how I wanted him to.

Let me know what you think, good AND bad. Critic away!

Mkay, going to go write chapter 3 now.

A little about the story:

A.J White has always been sure of herself; knowing what she wanted to in life and who she was. But after a night of bonding with her roommate Minami, the head strong girl begins to question herself. With this new strong friendship formed, will their relationship turn into more than just friends? Will the world accept them?

Chapter 8: Minami - New Discoveries
Chapter 9: A.J - Moonlight Date
Chapter 10: Minami - The Voice
Chapter 11: A.J - Spiritual Awakening
Chapter 12: Minami - Aggressive
Chapter 13: A.J - Interruptions

Chapter 1: A.J - School of Dreams
Chapter 2: Minami - A Friendship is Born (HERE!)
Chapter 3: A.J - A New Day
Chapter 4: Minami- Writing on the Wall
Chapter 5: A.J - Day Dream
Chapter 6: Minami - It Begins
Chapter 7: A.J - On the Dance Floor

IMPORTANT NOTE: The preview image is of Minami, drawn by the ever most awesome *milkydayy. It's part of a commission I asked him to do of both Mina & A.J together (you can see part of A.J's blond hair to the left). ORIGINAL DEVIATION: Like what you see? You should probably commission this deserving artist. You wont be disappointed.

Oh yeah, this is going to be made into a comic, drawn by the ever most awesome *ryuuen. But I'm not entirely sure on how to write scripts for comics, so I'm writing it in film script version for now, but you get the gist of what's going on.

Story© by =Sorren-Chan
Comic artwork© by *ryuuen
Preview artwork image© by *milkydayy

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