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         Minami is frozen on the spot, her eyes wide open in
         realization that they had heard her.

                        (Internal monologue) Oh man,
                        what do I do? They heard me

                        (Internal monologue) How?

         Still frozen, her eyes dart around the room. CUT to the
         auditorium. The students of the Vocal club look around for
         the mysterious voice they heard sing along with their
         captain. Nikky walks to the edge of the stage, pointing at
         the window of the sound booth room.

                   Oi! Who the bloody hell is up

         CUT to sound booth. Minami quickly backs away from the
         window. As she does, she notices the sound board. The button
         labeled 'Auditorium Mic' was switched on. Minami's eyes
         widen even more and slams the button, turning it off. CUT to
         auditorium. Most of the crowd winces at the noise of the
         microphone being slammed off. A.J now stands, looking up at
         the room. Nikky addresses the group.

                   Hazel, be a darling and go find out
                   who the bloody hell that was?

         Hazel shoots a despiteful look at Nikky before leaving the
         club. CUT to sound booth room. Minami hastily grabs her
         things together.

                        (Internal monologue) I can't
                        let them see me!

         As she hurriedly leaves the room, her sketchbook falls out
         of her bag. Too much in a hurry to leave, this goes by
         unnoticed. She leaves the room and races down the campus
         hallway. CUT to Hazel. Hazel makes her way up the stairs and
         into the sound room. She opens the door and walks inside.

                   Whoever you are, we are trying to

                   Humph. Empty.

         She walks over to the sound board and takes a quick look.
         She finds the auditorium mic and casually switches it on
         before walking to the window.

                   Whoever was here left, Nikky.

         Over the shoulder shot of Hazel looking out the window at
         her peers.

                   Too bad. They did have a nice
                   voice. Right then, get you're ass
                   back down here, Hazel. Practice is
                   still happening.

         Hazel switches off the mic and turns to leave. As she does,
         she notices something sprawled out on the floor. She picks
         it up to inspect. It was a black sketchbook. Inside the
         cover was written 'This belongs to Kyuki Minami'. Also
         inside the cover was a very old and beaten up picture of
         Minami's parents. Unimpressed, Hazel flips through the book.
         As she flips, an idea dawns on her face. Packing the book
         her bag, she takes her leave to return to the Vocal club.


         Minami slows her run down to a walk as she approaches the
         end of the hall. Something catches her eye as she walks.
         Squinting, she moves forward. On the exit door, the words
         'Question Authority' was painted on it. Minami stands there,
         making a scrunchy face. She points at the door.

                   That's new.

         She walks closer and sniffs it.

                   Smells fresh! I wonder if it has
                   something to do with the school...

         Shrugging her shoulder, she exits trough the door.

                        (Internal Monologue) Can't
                        believe I hit that ON button.
                        I hope no one knows it was me
                        in there.

                        (Internal Monologue) Got to be
                        more careful next time. Maybe
                        I should wait to go back?

         Lost in thought, Minami slowly makes her way across campus.

         EXT. IAU CAMPUS

         Evening shot of the campus.

         INT. GIRLS DORM

***** [Removed for novel spoilers]*****
         EXT. IAU CAMPUS

         Students wander about from their classes as the snow outside
         falls lightly on the campus grounds. A freshly rested Minami
         wanders into the campus' Saint Mike's building.


         Minami is on her hands and knees searching for her
         sketchbook. As she looks, the door opens, and someone
         wearing combat boots walks in.

                   Looking for this, love?

         Startled, Minami bangs her head on the soundboard. She turns
         around, rubbing her head. She is greeted by Nikky, standing
         proud in the doorway, holding onto her precious picture.

                   My picture! I, uh, how? I mean,

         Nikky tosses the picture to Minami, who scrambles on the
         floor and barely catches it.

                   Hazel found this in here the other
                   day during practice.

         Minami sits on her knees, holding back tears of happiness as
         she holds the picture tightly to her chest. Nikky walks
         inside, taking a seat on an empty chair.

                   Someone was singing along to our
                   songs. I bet that someone was you.
                   This is your picture after all,

         Minami now stares happily at the picture of her parents,
         pretending not to fully hear.

                   Your cute blonde friend sang like a
                   cannery when she recognized it.

                   So, naturally, it's no coincidence
                   your picture was found in here. You
                   were singing along to our practice.

         Embarrassed, Minami slowly lowers the picture, eyes open
         wide and face turning red.

                   Don't be shy, love. It was bloody

         Minami looks at Nikky, her face still reddening.

                   I'm sorry! I... No one was supposed
                   to hear me. Sorry.

                   Look, if you want to sing with us
                   so badly, just join us. God only
                   knows we bloody need a good voice.
                   Only four can carry a good tune.

                   If it makes you feel better, Derek
                   convinced Freckles to join. Though
                   between you and me, she doesn't
                   have a great voice.

         Tilting her head and raising an eyebrow, Minami replies.


         Nikky gets up to leave.

                   A-something. Derek said she was
                   your room mate?

         As she approaches the door, Nikky gives one last order.

                   Practice begins in 20 minutes.
                   Don't be late.

                   But I-!

         She leaves the room, leaving Minami alone on the floor.


         Minami slowly walks into the auditorium. She takes a look
         around, spotting A.J talking happily with Derek and Mark.
         A.J turns around and sees Minami, waving for her to join in.
         Minami awkwardly walks towards her friends. Nikky spots

                   Scar, you made it. Brilliant.
                   Alright everyone! Scar over here is
                   going to sing to show what she's
                   got, so we know what we're working

                   I'm going to do what?!

                   Just sing something short. Blondie
                   already did, now its your turn!

         Minami stands awkwardly as everyone stares at her. A.J nods
         reassuringly at Minami. She swallows, shaking slightly, and
         nods back.

                   Into the darkness...


                        (Internal Monologue) This is
                        so embarrassing.

         She sings one more, a little bit louder, but not by much,
         her face reddening.

                   Imn- ahem... Into the darkness I'll
                   bring you a melody, and I will your
                   company keep.

         A.J's eyes widen in admiration. To herself, she speaks.

                   Beautiful. Ah never...

                   Till your weary eyes and my
                   lullabies, have carried you softly
                   to sleep.

                   Carry with you peace and the love
                   of your past, and carry my love in

                   My daughter you're loved so much
                   more than you know. May your future
                   stay brilliantly bright.

         A.J stands, mouth agape. Her eyes filled with new found

                   Mina... That was beautiful.

         Minami looks at the ground shyly, blushing.

                   Just a song my mom used to sing to

                   Not bad, love. However, it may be a
                   solo, but that doesn't mean you
                   should sing so low that we can
                   hardly hear you.

                   From what I can hear, you could be
                   better than Hazel. Might use you in
                   the lead sometime.

         Furious, Hazel storms towards Nikky, shoving her in the

                   What the hell Nikky? She's not even
                   in the vocal program!

                   Suck it up sweetheart. She can
                   carry a bloody tune better than
                   you, even if we can barely hear

         Cyrus reassuringly touches his girlfriends shoulder, while
         giving Nikky an evil look.

                   Calm down Hazel. There will be
                   other songs.

         Hazel brushes him off and turns to make her leave. She
         purposely bumps hard into Minami as she leaves, speaking
         only to her as she goes.

                   Back the hell away bitch.

                          ----END CHAPTER 10-----
*Edit* Changed a few lines in the script when Minami goes on stage *End Edit*

The next installment in 'South' is here! Time to learn a bit more about Minami~~

Anywho, I'll let you read it now. Please! Let me know what you liked, what you didn't like, why. I need to know these things to improve the story!!!~

So anyway, comment, critic & the likes.

Enjoy & Stay Beautiful people!

A little about the story:

A.J White has always been sure of herself; knowing what she wanted to in life and who she was. But after a night of bonding with her roommate Minami, the head strong girl begins to question herself. With this new strong friendship formed, will their relationship turn into more than just friends? Will the world accept them?

Chapter 8: Minami- New Discoveries
Chapter 9: A.J - Moonlight Date
Chapter 10: Minami - The Voice (HERE!)
Chapter 11: A.J - Spiritual Awakening
Chapter 12: Minami - Aggressive
Chapter 13: A.J - Interruptions

Chapter 1: A.J - University of Dreams
Chapter 2: Minami - A Friendship is Born
Chapter 3: A.J - A New Day
Chapter 4: Minami- Writing on the Wall
Chapter 5: A.J - Day Dream
Chapter 6: Minami - It Begins
Chapter 7: A.J - On the Dance Floor

IMPORTANT NOTE: The preview image is of Minami, drawn by the ever most awesome *ryuuen. It's part of the 'South' Volume 1 Cover I asked him to do of both Mina & A.J together (you can see part of A.J's arm to the right). Here is the original deviation:

Oh yeah, this is going to be made into a comic, drawn by the ever most awesome *ryuuen. But I'm not entirely sure on how to write scripts for comics, so I'm writing it in film script version for now, but you get the gist of what's going on.

Story© by =Sorren-Chan
Comic artwork© by *ryuuen
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The drama is starting to unfold. :P
Is it just me, or is "Scar" kind of a mean nickname, though?
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